Scavenger Hunt

The key to a successful scavenger hunt is to pay attention to details around you. Hunt for each location and answer the questions. Tally your points at the end using the answer key to find out how well you did.

Are you ready to begin? Your adventure starts in McCorkle Place where one of our oldest and most historic landmarks lives. Can you find it?


Davie Poplar Tree

Find the big leaning tree with a bench in front of it. This is a very special spot on campus. Legend has it that the University’s founder, William Richardson Davie, sat under it and chose this location for Carolina.

What are the names of Davie Poplar’s two family members? (Hint: Look just across the brick sidewalk.)


Old East

Old East is Carolina’s first building. It is also the oldest public university building in the United States. Today, Old East is a residence hall where students live while at school. Tar Heels celebrate Carolina’s birthday on the day that the University started building Old East.

If the United States declared independence in 1776, how many years passed before Old East’s cornerstone was laid? Find the date marked on the building’s cornerstone and use math to solve.


Old Well

Chances are you have seen this symbol in a Carolina logo. This water fountain used to be one of the University’s wells, where students collected their water for more than 100 years. Now, the Old Well’s water is said to bring good luck to students on their first day of classes each semester. Take a sip of this magical water and feel the luck come your way, too.

How many white columns does the Old Well have?


Polk Place

This large green space, or quad, in front of South Building is Polk Place. Most of the buildings around this quad are classroom buildings. Many Carolina students spend their spare time in the quad reading, napping, throwing a Frisbee or playing with their dogs.

What do you see students doing in the quad?


University Seal

Find South Building, which houses the offices of our chancellor and other leaders. Locate the brick path leading to its doors. Can you see a stone circle in the middle of the path, near the flagpole? This is the official seal of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

How many “L’s” are there in the seal?


BeAM Makerspace

These BeAM Makerspaces have exiciting technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing, woodworking and more. At Carolina, any student can Be A Maker. Look at the exhibit in Murray Hall to see what students have made.

What would you like to make?


Wilson Library

Wilson Library is where we keep many of Carolina’s treasures, which come from all over the state, nation and world. Wilson Library has the world’s largest collection of historical items from the American South in its Southern Historical Collection.

How many columns does this building have?


The Pit

Welcome to the Pit. We call this area the Pit because of the sunken brick courtyard surrounded by Lenoir Dining Hall, Student Stores, libraries and the Student Union. The Pit is a very busy place during the day.

What do you see? Try to count how many people pass by wearing Carolina blue.


Davis Library

Davis Library is North Carolina’s largest library. Go to the second floor and find the large grouping of TV screens. This is our Liquid Galaxy interactive display. With an adult’s help, find your hometown on the big screens... or even your favorite place on Earth.

What is the name of the place you found?


Edible Campus Garden

Carolina has 11 gardens throughout campus that grow edible and medicinal plants for any student to pick, use or eat.

Find an edible garden on the back side of Davis Library along Raleigh Street. What is growing there right now?


Student Union

The Frank Porter Graham Student Union is like a living room for Carolina’s students. The Union is also home to more than 900 student clubs and organizations.

There is a large suspended half circle in the ceiling of the west lounge that has part of our alma mater (school song) written on it. What are those words?


Carmichael Arena

Carolina is proud of its 28 varsity athletic teams. Over the years, many have called Carmichael Arena home, including the 1982 NCAA men’s basketball championship team. It’s also where one of our most famous alumni, Michael Jordan ’86, played. Carmichael Arena is now home to the volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling and women’s basketball teams.

Peek through the front door or go inside. How many showcases do you see in the lobby?


Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is Carolina’s tallest landmark and rings every 15 minutes to remind us that every day is a great day to be a Tar Heel. Follow its sound and listen to its chimes.

When you arrive, look at the arched ceiling above the tower’s base. What color is it?


Kenan Stadium

Football Saturdays in Chapel Hill are special. Follow the brick path from the Bell Tower to Kenan Stadium and see why it is considered one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country.

Follow the steps or walk down Stone Center Drive to Kenan Football Center. What two statues do you see?

How well do you know Carolina?

We hope you enjoyed exploring our campus and seeing some of our favorite places. We also hope that you learned more about this beautiful campus that we call home. Take a look at the answer key to find out how well you know Carolina.